Dear Members and Visitors,

A few days ago I was informed by a member that the discussions could no longer be opened. This proved to be the case for myself as well as for many others. I don't know as yet what the root cause of this problem is, but I think it can (hopefully) be corrected by an upgrading of the Vanilla Forum software that this site runs on. This might not be as easy as it should be to accomplish, because the person who performed the conversion of the site (from the old Snitz forum) apparently modded the Vanilla software considerably. He actually never told me it was Vanilla - I found this out through a rather extensive bit of analysis on my part. The larger problem is that I am not programmer - and I cannot afford to pay anyone who is a programmer to do this. I received a grand total of one contribution towards the upkeep and repair of the site during my recent campaign to raise some funds for the services of a professional. And so, as the old adage goes, "Ya get what ya pay for". Which is to say that I am going to fix this as soon as I can - but given my lack of talent and my current lack of time, this might be a while.

It doesn't help that the site is being continuously bombarded with spam from unpleasant Russians who apparently have nothing better to do than post Russian-language men's underwear ads on a boat club site...which I suppose gives some indication to their overall level of intelligence - and some insight into why their country is still a dump, regardless of how much gas they have in the ground.

I hope that I will be able to spend some time on the site over the upcoming weekend. Please don't give up hope! If I'm able to pull it off, the site should end up better than ever. We've been battling a lot of problems over time - and I have to thank again the people who have been keeping the spam under control over the past months (years?).

I would suggest that you come back to the site about a week from now - and then stop by every week or so after that. And if you have my e-mail address, we can stay in contact during the down time. I am not going to post my e-mail address though - since the aforementioned Russians would end up sending me even more spam than I am already getting.

Best regards - and (hopefully) see you all soon again!